Friday, 27 February 2015

12 Reasons Why I Love Being A Photographer

Here are a couple 'why I love, what I do' reasons. :) 

1. Photos never change. People do, photos don't.  

2. Photography is the only language in all the world that everyone understands. 

3. You get to travel, go to far away places and somehow come back and show the magnificant beauty stored away on just a memory stick. 

4. You can make people happy with your photos. 

5. Photos can display emotion that sometimes cannot be shown.

      [ taken last summer ] 

6. You see the light and world in a whole new way. 
 It wasn't until I started taking photos that I began to see details, and appreciate colors and light in a whole new way. 

7. The camera helps me meet amazing people. 

8. I get to inspire others. 
  I would not think of myself as a teacher, but when you have so much passion for something it just spills out, and actually may influence someone. 

9. It has made me better AWAY from the camera. ( I'm sorry for all those awkward pictures I've taken of you ) #photographerproblems ;) 

10. It gives me permission to go where others are not allowed, and to tell stories others might never see. 
11. You can show what you love, what your heart loves, and who you really are without even talking. 

12. I am so thankful for all of you, who view my images, ask questions and give your opinions. You don't know how much I appreciate it. :) 

Leave a comment with your favorite number from above that you could relate to. :)


  1. Love #5 and #11. :D Looking forward to more posts! :)

  2. Great post! I just found your blog from Eden's and I'm very glad that I did! I love 1, 3, and 8!


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