Friday, 13 March 2015

Think Before You Click

The best moments aren't choreographed, so have your camera on hand at all times when you're out to ensure that you capture the moments that matter. 

  Clouds are your best friends, I've done a lot of outside shoots and overcast days offer the best lighting. This may be an opinion. 

Try new angles! Don't be afraid to climb on tables, lay on the ground, doing weird stuff can offer amazing angles. 

Ditch those cheesy editing sites for people who snapchat,(  sorry! :P ) Heavy vignettes, crazy frames and color, huge watermarks.....uh no thanks. 

Take chances, be creative! You can always ditch the photos into the trash bin later. 

A couple quick cheats for beginners: 

Shutter Speed: At least 1/125 for moving objects 

Aperture: Smaller # = less in focus 
                Larger # = more in focus 

ISO = low as possible 

Frame/Screen clear of distractions that would distract from your subject

No crazy limb chops ( still working on this ) :P 

Subjects eyes toward the light 

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  1. Very helpful tips! Thank you, Sarah! Jaeryn's growing up to be a very beautiful puppy.


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